Lost or stolen Pan card

Lost or stolen PAN Card? How do I reapply?

Initially losing a Pan card and having to apply for a new one was a very cumbersome job. You had to ruffle through your Income Tax returns, search for your credit cards or demat accounts, or search frantically for the covering letter that came along with your PAN card or look for PAN acknowledgment slips, to search for your PAN number. But now the whole process has been simplified. If you have lost your Pan Card there is a very simple, step by step process that needs to be followed.
Initially you need to fill in a correction form, which can be obtained from Pan card Form . If you are not aware of your nearest center form you can log in at Lost Pan Card Details Faq.

To retrieve a lost Pan card, you need to fill in the essential details on the form, by furnishing the details of your name, birth, and your father’s name. If you are an NRI, then you have to attach two stamp-sized photographs along with Rs. 717 in cash or check. If you cannot remember your number, which people usually can’t, as this 10 digit alpha-numeric is rather difficult, then you can get it from Pan card form. Submit your forms online and for further inquiry you can either email or talk to the customer care on phone.

The NRIs can get the card within 10 to 15 working days at their foreign address.

Applying for a Duplicate if the original is lost

If you have either lost or misplaced your PAN Card, notify the police immediately and obtain a copy of the FIR from your local police station.

If you are applying online:

• Fill in a change, request or correction form which can be downloaded from the website of UTITSL ( www.utitsl.co.in ) or NSDL (www.tin-nsdl.com).
• Fill out the information of the lost card. If you do not remember the number, you can retrieve it from Retrieve Pan Card.
• Fill in your name, date of birth and your father’s name to get your PAN Card number.
• Submit your form.
You can also obtain hard copies of the same from the above mentioned branches.
• Follow the same procedure.
• Attach a stamp sized photograph.
• Submit your application to the PAN Application Centers of UTITSL and NSDL along with a cheque of Rs.94 as processing fees.

You will receive your Duplicate PAN card within 15 working days.

Fees for processing a PAN Application

If the communication address is in India, the processing fee will be Rs.94.00 which includes Rs. 85.00 as fees +10.3% as service tax.

But if the communication is outside India, then the application processing fee is Rs. 944.00 which includes Rs. 771.00 as dispatch charges besides the above mentioned fees.(Rs 85.00+10.3% service taxes).

Documents required for application

While applying for a PAN card, the applicant should furnish a proof of identity (POI) and a proof of address (POA). The documents should be in the applicants name only and if the applicant is a minor, both the POI and POA should be in the name of the Representative Assessee (RA), who is generally either of the parents.

Proof of Identify for Application
For a Proof of Identity a copy of either a school leaving certificate, a matriculation certificate, Degree of a recognized institution, a Bank account or a credit card statement, water bill, ration card, passport, voter’s identity card or a driving license will suffice.

Proof of address for Pan Card Application

For Proof of Address a copy of a recent electricity or telephone bill, rent receipt, passport, employer certificate, bank account statement, voter identity card or property tax assessment order, driving license or a ration card will be enough.

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  1. savitha says:

    I have lost my pan card and reapplied for it.still i have not received it.How can i know when do i get my duplicate pan card.please guide me anyone, i need PAN as early as possible.

  2. My Pan Card has been stolen during bag snatching in New Delhi on 19 Jan 2012 at about 1700 hrs. Request initiate favorable action accordingly.

    Lalita Tiwari

  3. chitra iyer says:

    My pan card No. AFEPV2836P

  4. This is definitely a nice site. I would definitely be coming back to it again.

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