Pan Card Application Status

Check your Pan Card Status right now by clicking on the menu Above. Pan which is also called as Pan Access Number is an identification number allotted to each individual. This helps the Income Tax Department of India to keep a track of all the number holders financial transactions. The number is mentioned in all monetary transactions. This way the Income Tax Department can keep a vigil and control over undisclosed or unregulated transactions of the holder. This in turn prevents a person from evading taxes. Its mandatory for all tax-payers to have a personal permanent account number. This is mandatory for NRI, Overseas Indians and Passport Holders for all financial transaction carried out in India. The laminated card also acts as photo identity and address proof.

A Pan card can be obtained either through UTITSL or by applying online on the Income Tax Website. After the process of verification is finished positively the number is allotted, to the applicant. The details and the laminated card is then dispatched to his address mentioned on the application. It can be received within a fortnight.

Check your Pan Card Status here by clicking below the link. The Permanent Account Number is a national number and it is unique. Once allotted to an individual, it does not change irrespective of his change in address.

Pan Card Status Check you Pan Card status here! Click and enter your Ack No.

If by any chance, the applicant does not receive his allotment within the stipulated time, he can check the status through different ways:

  • Contacting the Income Tax Department- The applicant can contact the IT department that is applicable using the acknowledgement number. This number is allotted within three days after the application is submitted.
  • Tracking the Pan Card status online – He can either visit the UTITSL website or the website of Government of India’s Income tax department.
  • If he has submitted his application to the TIN NSDL service center then the following link will help find the Pan Status Online
  • Sending queries- He can also send his queries to
  • Searching for Card status online

    There was a time when tracing the status was difficult, as you were entirely at the mercy of the postal department. But with the convenience of this online utility, getting your status is no more a hassle.

    To check application online, you need to have the following details

  • Acknowledgement number- it is a 15 digit number allotted to you after three days since you have filed your application.
  • Application type
  • Name and surname along with the date of birth filled in the form.
  • If you have applied online, then you should provide the 15 digit transaction number that was allotted to you during the time of submission.

On entering the required details, the page containing your present status will be displayed. It will inform you whether your application has been accepted, rejected or dispatched. If it has been dispatched, get the consignment number and inquire at the concerned courier service or the local post office.

The number once allotted cannot be changed, although in case of theft or loss, a duplicate card can be availed.

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